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“My sister saw Simone’s Indian head massage course and suggested we should try it . Neither of us have had previous experience in massage but working all my life as a nurse I’m interested in exploring complementary therapies as I’m sure mind body and soul are linked together and complementary therapies have great benefits for helping us heal mentally and physically.

We thoroughly enjoyed the session with Simone who is clearly a talented therapist and teacher and exudes warmth and comfort. We understood that the course was an introduction to massage techniques for those who wish to practice on family and friends! We since have visited Simone at her home where I experienced the benefits of reflexology!!! I found post reflexology I felt completely relaxed and rejuvenated having just completed a cycling holiday it was exactly what I needed! I’d like to thank Simone for the care she provides and shall definitely be arranging further visits.”

Jeanette Frier South Sheilds